What is the deposit?

  • The deposit is the amount of money that you reserve with a credit card or in cash in the event of damages to the vessel during the lease, in case it does happen that the vessel gets damaged, you will be charged for the damage caused, but to a max. of the reserved amount. In cases where the damage exceeds the amount of the deposit, the rest will be paid the insurance company where the boat is insured.
  • No deposit is required if the skipper is hired with the vessel.

What type of insurance policy do charter vessels have?

  • Our vessels are entirely insured with all the equipment and crew members for damages and/or losses, which means that all our vessels have a basic and collision/risk insurance.

What basic and additional equipment do the rent vessels have?

  • The basic equipment for each vessel for rent are flares, smoke flares, first-aid box, fire extinguisher and life buoys, fenders, boat hooks and ropes for tying.
  • Accessories for each vessel consists of a navigation device (GPS), sonar (echo lot), car radio for listening to music, bimini (sun protection), and possibly skis, wake board and/or tubes.

How to book a vessel?

  • The first step is to pick the desired vessel and send us a request to check the availability on a certain date, then we do our best to realize your desired rental option
  • The second step is to send you a document with details of your reservation and payment information. The amount due for the reservation is 30% of the total cost. The rest of the amount of the rent you pay on the charter day.

In case I want to cancel the lease, will you give me back the amount of the reservation?

  • Unfortunately, in most cases, we do not return the reservation because this is our certainty from misuse and the loss of other potential clients who also requested the same date of the lease.
  • Return of the reservation amount is possible only if navigation conditions are declared impossible because of bad weather, or if by any chance there is a malfunction or damage on the vessel and the vessel is rendered technically faulty for further navigation, but in case you happen to breakdown of in the middle of using the lease, then naturally we will meet you half way and you will be charged only for the time already spent on the vessel and the rest will be returned.

Where can I park the car during the rental period?

  • Unfortunately we do not have our own parking space to offer, but just 50m from our office in the restaurant Istria in Poreč, there is a guarded parking lot at the bus station that you pay for the day.
  • If you visit us at our headquarters in Marina Parentium, Zelena Laguna, you have the parking lot of the Hotel Laguna Parentium that you also pay for the day.

What areas of navigation are dangerous?

  • There are several areas, especially along the coast and between the islands, but such issues should be addressed directly on the day of rental, so we can show you directly on the nautical charts where these places and areas are located.